I'm thinking about customizing my Fender Strat.

I've no experience in doing this ... so I'm not shure if the parts below are gonna work (and will fit in the guitar)

I would like to know before placing an order.

Suggestions are welcome ...


- Seymour Duncan SJB/SDBR/SL59 WH Set
- Fender 5way Switch
- Allparts Switchcraft EP0055 Jack,
- 3 Fender 500K Control Solid Shaft
If you have no experience, I might advise you to stay away form pickup swaps for now... It's not that hard, but if you've never soldered anything before, you might end up breaking something (ie pots) as for if the parts will fit, I'm sure someone else on here can help you better than me.. I work on gibsons! lol

The soldering won't be a problem.
I will find somebody to help me do this.

I just wanna make shure the parts I want to order are correct, complete and will work together ...