Hey guys!

Have a acoustic guitar which I really want to get into playing but just don't know where to start? I know you have to get over the first hurdle to get into guitar but I just get frustrated that I can't do it.

What should I start of with just learning chords? Switching between them? Or trying to play beginner songs of youtube?

What chords are you supposed to learn first?

Check out Justin Guitar online, he has a free(he takes donations) course structure and he gives a lot of good advice. Or, try guitar lessons group or private, group lessons are generally cheaper.
Yeah the first thing you need to do is to learn the common open chords - your major and minor and maybe some 7 chords and practice fretting them cleanly and switching between chords. Then you can start practicing some beginner songs. Some people stick to a strict practice schedule that includes finger stretching, dexterity and speed exercises while others practice by just learning songs. Plenty of great on-line instruction like the one ghobby mentioned. There's really no hurdle. It's a long, gradual process in which you slowly get better with practice, practice and then more practice.

One thing you should do is get your guitar action set up so it plays well if you haven't already done so. If you know someone that plays, you can have them play it to see if it needs a set up. A guitar with high action will be extremely hard on your fingers and difficult to play.
When I learnt (classical) guitar my teacher taught me songs just like a tune, one note at a time. Then as I got a bit more co-ordinated (or should I say - chordinated lol that was bad) I learnt chords - for me, playing chords and switching between them was a lot harder as I had to think about several fingers and several strings and my right hand technique, all at the same time, and it's a very unnatural way to position your hands when starting anyway.

So if you haven't learnt some really basic songs (for the sake of the argument, ode to joy) I would recommend you do that first. But up to you Then move into chords, 'rohash style' so yeah, open chords, practice and more practice, exercises and practice.
I started by just googling easy beginner songs, and clicking on the songs that I, personally, liked - if you don't like what you're playing you're far, far less likely to put up with the (only initial) pain and struggles to keep at it.

I also learned a handful of the most common open major and minor chords, E, A, D, C, F, G, etc. Look these up. E and A, especially, D and G as well.

Then I started paying attention to songs on the radio or my playlists that sounded reasonably easy that I liked. Google "how to play XXXX by YYY". Sometimes they're harder than I think, or they're easy enough, but happen to have a B chord or some other. So I move on to another song that's easier - after a little bit of work to try to improve with whatever I struggle(d) with.

I keep a list of songs I want to learn or look into and google them.

Marty Schwartz from Guitar Jamz produces fantastic videos for beginners on how to play XXXX. He teaches really well, has tons of decent songs, and they're simple.

Doing these can take you crazy far as quickly as you are willing to put the effort in.

I hope you stick with it.

Practice. Learn the basic major chords, get a feel for them, strengthen your fingers (they will hurt at first). I found it easier to learn by playing songs I already know, it helps with chord progression. As mentioned YouTube has heaps of guitar lessons so definitely check that out. Stick to it and don't give up! Gotta have patience it's a learning process but once you find your groove then sky's the limit!
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I'd agree to start with chords. Google songs you like with "[title] chords", or just search here on ultimate guitar. If they have more than 3 or 4 chords, they aren't good beginner songs. At first, stay away from songs with a 'B' or an 'F' chord in them.

Once you find a song you like with only two or three chords in it (there are many, many of them), learn how to play the chords, then how to switch between them to play the song. (Youtube videos can help with this. Or a basic "how to play guitar" book.)

Let's say for example you learn a song that uses A, E and E. Now, find another song. Look for one that uses most of the chords you already know. For example, you might find one that uses, D, G, A. Notice that you only have to learn one more chord (G) for this song.

Keep going like this. Eventually you will learn all the open "cowboy" chords and you will be well on your way.

Play every day. If you can, play for an hour at least. Give it six months. In six months, if you play an hour a day, you will either learn how to play or you will fail miserably and know that you just can't do it. Don't give up before six months though!

Once you learn one song good enough so you can play it for another person and they say, "Hey isn't that XYZ", you will know you are on your way.
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I agree. Get the action on your guitar set up! It will cost around $50-100 depending on where you live, but it will make all the difference.
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