I am expecting the Soul Food pedal from EHX soon, and I have a few questions about the built-in buffer. I somewhat know what buffers do, so to make sure: They re-shape your signal to original quality from being resisted by pedal, cables, etc. If I'm wrong about that please correct me.

My line would go like this: Guitar, Micro POG, Soul Food, RAT, RP-155, The Analogizer, Output

I've been told that the Micro POG is not true bypass and sucks some tone out, as seems the RAT. I also have a 2 10-foot cables connecting my gear to amplification (yes I go through an amp other than system's amps), not to mention the signal traveling to a mixing board.

Would the buffer (Soul Food) help at the position listed? Or should it be after the RAT, as that is the farthest I can put it. I want to use the OD on the Soul Food as well. Or is there something else I should do?

Thanks for your advice c:
Yes, it would help. Buffers are your friend as long as they're good ones and you don't stack a bunch of them.

If you are concerned about tone loss from the pog, just get a true bypass box for it, or learn to solder and make one.
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Buffer Pedals were named for world famous fight announcer Michael Buffer, originator of "LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEETTTTS Get Ready to RUMBBBBBLLLLLLLLLE!" He's used a specific kind of sound-enhanding device to get that sonorous tone for years, and pedals that use that sound-enhancing technology have carried his name ever since.

This is is little known in part because Micheal really doesn't want to take credit for it, and partly because he's been afraid that he might be confused with Michael Bugger, after whom something completely different has been named.
if the micro pog sucks tone because it's half-assed bypass (i dunno i'm not familiar with that pedal) you'll need the soul food in front of it.

EDIT: you also need to make sure it's switched to the buffer setting inside the pedal.

i've heard some reports of people stripping the screws removing the back. Mine seemed just fine (i think ) but be careful.
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