can anyone recommend a good quality brand foot rest for playing while sitting down?
Seriously? Find an old box or suitcase or something. Or make a wooden one out of some scrap material.
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Hell- sometimes I just turn one foot on its side and rest my other one on it.

However, I did buy a Tour Tough folding stool with a padded seat at GC that has a footrest on it.

I don't know that GC has them anymore, but here is one:
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^ They are right. It's a ripoff. Don't buy foot rest, you can use anything to rest your foot on.

Also, I don't know what should be the difference between low quality and high quality foot rest or what could justify giving extra money for a more expensive one.
Just thought that one that would fold down flat and store under my chair would be convenient. Will try the other suggestions. Thanks to all.
Quote by dannyalcatraz
Hell- sometimes I just turn one foot on its side and rest my other one on it.

I thought I was weird for doing this....
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I prefer the O'Flaherty Foot Stool.... I had one of those collapsing ones in the past and I hated them... this one is solid and will last me a life time... looks bad ass on stage too... If you want quality, this is your guy for sure... I bought mine from the person directly, but you can get it on ebay or etsy... here is the etsy link below... good luck!

I got a Kinsman Dual stool on my last B'day. Stool, rest, guitar stand all in one. Its funky.
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