I agree with the idea of a more organic sound for the vocals. Like I really dig your song resolution, listened to that a few times. pretty rad stuff here
This sounds pretty awesome, though I'd agree that the vocal mix is pretty weird. The vocal style really puts me in mind of Christian Jacobs from the Aquabats, just wish I could hear you better! The whole thing kind of sounds like newer Aquabats as well, went on to listen to Before I Said I'd Wait and its really good as well. Really enjoy your stuff, m'friend!

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thanks for the response everyone! besides what you've all mentioned above, i've heard before that the vocal mix sounded a bit weird...so of course i want to address it, but maybe i'm not hearing it since i've listened to the track so many times while mixing before that my ears are subjective. but what exactly is odd about the vocal mix? too much reverb? too thin? i'd really appreciate your help in helping me hear this.
Hey man,

Thanks for the love on my posting. That was the early stage of my recording project that I semi-finished. Thats why I only now got back to re-critting you...Ive been like obsessive the past 3 days lol. I posted it up here if ur interested. Don't have to crit anything


On to your songs -

Gobstoppers -
I like the intro a lot. Really gets the energy up. I appreciate lo-fi vocals more than the next guy but I feel like it could sound better but still keep that rawness. The delivery is pretty good tho and the vocal style fits the music. I hear two synth parts I think, but the one that is the sixteenth note is a bit unnecessary IMO. The chordal one is cool tho. Overall, fast, loud, energetic. good stuff

Before I said Id wait-
Don't like the intro in this one as much. It also reminded me of the previous song, you might want to consider separating on the track list because of the intros. The synth is a bit cooler here, sounds 8bit. I think the guitar tone at :40 needs fattening. I like the vocals a lot better on this . I one.The tone is still an issue for me but at 1:00 that is a cool guitar part. The part at 1:54 is very cool, good melodies. I like the screaming in the background, reminds me of 'best friends means friends forever' by brand new. I also think the drum tone is pretty weak.

All in all some good songs. Songwriting is there. I also deeply appreciate a 2 minute song lol. I bet its a blast to see live. Keep it up