gonna start doing some recordings on my own, mostly to just develop ideas for my band, but would eventually like to have professional quality recordings I could do on my own. Im mostly interested in ur thoughts on the song/melody ideas as opposed to the recording quality/tightness (which is shit lol)

Break of Dawn (indie rock) https://soundcloud.com/alexander-wandres/until-the-break-of-dawn

Ocean Breezes (dream pop) https://soundcloud.com/alexander-wandres/ocean-breeze

leave a link and ill c4c
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precursor before i start commenting on the songs: this is very lo-fi but i like the production style a lot, it's the kind of thing you'd hear on a tape you'd find hidden somewhere and i love how short the songs are - keeps the listener on the edge of their seat imo.

break of dawn - very bluesy. you keep the listener hooked enough through the use of a short song with few phrases, which is a lot tougher to do if you fleshed out the song. i like the change up at 0:30, and the lack of a rhythm section makes me think that it'd be more suited for a solo track, though i am curious to see how it would sound with a full band.

ocean breezes - i like this one more of the two. the guitars have a very johnny marr-esque vibe to them with your phrasings. i honestly cant say anything more except i like the melody a LOT in this song, you have the dream pop mood locked down but the lead-slide motif, when played at certain parts, gives the feeling that the song is moving towards something, evidenced by the chorus. i find a lot of dream pop stays stagnant with the mood and doesn't move towards anything, so the fact that you've done something a bit different, and kept it short and sweet, makes a great track. however, i can't make a lick of the lyrics, would like to know a bit of what you're saying at least.

overall, you're a talented composer and player. i really hope you get a band together because you've got some great songs to share with those potential members.