Can anyone help identify this please? Was found in an attic.

No identifying marks on it at all, just curious, Thanks
Looks like one of those cheap 1970s Sears catalogue Teisco/Kay/Kent guitars. Specifically looks like a Kent. This one's the same shape and hardware, different wiring: https://reverb.com/item/218397-kent-electric-sunburst?_aid=pla&pla=1&gclid=CjwKEAiAqMajBRCdjejki6yjuDwSJACQeVukqpHM7wvWYIJBeGKC_ceM_XC29t9-4_6YzuzHN-nf6BoC8BLw_wcB
Gibson RD Silverburst w/ Lace Dissonant Aggressors (SOLD)
Electra Omega Prime Ceruse
Fender Franken-Jag Bass

Amps and the like:
Laney VH100R
Seismic Luke 2x12
Dunlop 105Q Wah
Gojira FX 808
Line 6 M9
I don't remember what the name on the guitar but the other guitar player in the first "band" I was ever in in 7th grade had that same guitar (Calling it a band is being generous. We made noise but I don't know how musical it was but it was a start for me.) .That would have been 1966 and I'm sure that guitar was one of the many nameless Japanese guitars sold in department stores that we all had back then. That pic brought back some great memories. Thanks.
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