Hello everyone!

It's me with my latest song.

This one has been a real experiment and learning experience for me. Recently I have started figuring out a software called Reason. I'm on my way learning producing, programming synths, sequencing etc, and my goal is to some day compose a small scale game soundtrack. This song was a way for me to practice that stuff. I'll still polish and add details to the track later.


Enjoy, and tell me what you think! I'll gladly check out your songs as well

Love how ambient this sounds. I could see something like this in Knytt Stories or something of the sort. Keeps your attention as you wait to see what comes next. Sounds great, dude. Your bell synths are great and the bassline is perfect. Not to mention the mix is great, you can hear each instrument perfectly. Cant wait to see what else you come up with!

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I love it, man! I'm also getting into electronic music (mainly "chillstep") and I've been trying to produce something like this. This exactly the kind of electronic music I like: relaxed, melodic and atmospheric. Keep up the good work!
Very chill intro; I love the Rhodes-ish keys tone. I like the change at 1:09 a lot; I would try having some of the other instruments stop during the drum fill, to make the transition more apparent.

I think you could benefit a lot from using some extra percussion for the section starting at 2:08. Your drums are good, but I think some extra stuff with a tambourine or shaker during the more open parts would help keep it interesting.

I thought this track was pretty cool. Keep up the good work.

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Wow dude, I really like it. It's so good-feelings-inducing. You really know how to construct a great bass line. Keep up the good work, I've followed you on SoundCloud. I'm eager to hear new songs from you!
Thanks for the listen and the review man!
Just listened to Bell House and it has a very serene feel to it. Really like the part that starts around 2:36, was very fun to listen to. It reminded me a bit of the Death Note OST, which I am a big fan of. I really like the reverb on the drums, I feel like that really contributes to the slightly airy feel of the song. I actually just read your comment about wanting to make a game soundtrack and I think you are definitely on your way!
Great work man!
awesome track mate i could honestly listen all day, love the snare sound, Reason is a good program to use and has a user friendly UI, keep it up!
@Akkeli: Hey mate, this is a great track. I'm a big fan of the FF and LoZ soundtracks myself so I can definitely dig this (which I do).

So you have these really chill electronic beats, which are perfectly complementary to these "round" Wurlitzer/Rhodes sounding melodies. I'm not sure if I can offer any criticism. The bells are a nice touch but maybe add some subtle variations to the percussion along the way. Just some small fills here and there, nothing major. The arpeggios around the middle are fine, maybe vary this the second time it comes around the end of the piece? I think a modulation to something more pentatonic in nature would sound good (especially the Japanese pentatonic scales).