What are the advantages/disadvantages of using a boost vs using a volume pedal to pick up the solo section.
Volume just controls what you have, whereas a boost gives you MOAR. And MOAR is always better.
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A boost can add distortion plus it is a set level. A volume pedal can only reduce the level and not by a fixed amount. A boost pedal is more accurate.
It depends on how you work and largely on type of amp.
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With a boost you can set the level and click it to that level. And using a boost does not work the same as a volume pedal
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total opposites. a volume pedal is max at normal volume and can only take away. so it use as a boost, you must raise your amp volume more than you normally would, and then back down to where you want to be say, 50%. then for a solo boost, you move it to teh max position for 100%.

a boost adds volume, but provided that the amp still has headroom. meaning, into a clean or semi overdriven amp, it will add volume. if the amp is already crunchy or broken up fully, it will onyl add more disotortion. thats what tube preamps are for! an organic, dynamic quality.

gnerally, for the best clean volume boost, putting it in the loop is best.
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