I've been playing guitar for a few years and I want to buy my first tube amp, but I want to buy something under $700. I'm mostly looking for a combo amp with 2 channels. After researching for a while I've found that the Randall RD40C fits my needs more or less, but I can't find many reviews on it (do you have any opinions on it?). I've also checked out the JCA's, but I hate that they either have 2 channels, or reverb. I'd love to hear new suggestions on the subject.

I own an Ibanez RG350EX and I play mostly hard rock, thrash and heavy stuff. Also, I'll spend about 3 and a half months living near Denver (I currently live outside US) from December to March, and I'm planning on buying it there (preferably a new one). Thanks!
well i would say carvin v3m but its not perfectly suited for heavier stuff. it can pull it off acceptably, but for your music which is very sided to heavier genres, i would say you may find it a bit lacking.

marshall JCM 2000 DSL series wouls be great for you. good all arounder, can do acceptable cleans, crunches, dirties, and striaght nasty heavy stuff. really, i am a huge fan of these amps. quality, cheap, and literally can pull off any genre. a used one can be had for about 500-700.

not as flexible - laney IRT studio or the ironheart 60. these amps are almost entirely geared for the brootz. the studio model has almost everything you could want in a flexible amp....except a fender like clean channel. the cleans are not the strong suit. in fact, i think most would tell you they seriously lack hardcore. in most demos of this amp, you may not see the clean tone demonstrated.
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Marshall DSL 15 watt might be a good fit, and it's only $500. I own an 18 watt and it's SUPER loud still.
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i wold also consider one of the older version DSL 40 watter i think after 2003 and the not the model when the switched it. nice reasonably priced amp.

i also have an 18 watter i built, but i still put $400-$500 into it after tubes and really good transformers. the are really nice. but ya gotta turn them up!

edit: the 18w price in costs i listed did not have the wood and stain and finish products for the head shell. unless you do it yourself, the shells aren't cheap, espeially if you want a combo.
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Thanks a lot! I'll look into the Marshalls. By the way, what do you think of the Peavey Valveking II (50w) and the Blackstar HT 40?