Its a long story, but im in a bunch of different projects. this one is less jammy but still has that element. nothing is really written or thought about for longer then say.....5 minutes. I play the stringed stuff and sing and do some synths, while man 3 makes those crazy circuit bent beats .


also send out your stuff always open to hearin new stuff.
First song: pretty trippy! Beats are interesting, but kind of repetitive after a while. Sound is a bit muddy with all of the distortion and reverb and/or delay, but that adds to the trippy-ness. Vocals add something to the song. Interesting ending, but the ending could be quicker. I guess the key word here on this song, in my mind, is interesting tune! Please review my music at this link:

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done and thank you. and yea i can understand what you mean by ending could be quicker. I believe it is a korg monotron at the end just droning for a minute or so.