ok so im working on a project guitar and i have a wiring question.

i have a 4 wire dimarzio humbucker i want to use with one volume and one tone.
the question i have is about a switch being installed.
i have a mini toggle with 3 prongs (dont know the technical term) on the bottom that i would like to use to switch from series to parallel.

i found 2 wiring diagrams one for series and one for parallel, i would like if anyone could explain or show me what wires would need to go where on the switch itself.

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any help would be appreciated.
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You will need a dpdt on/on switch to switch between series and parallel, this is, one with six prongs. The diagram about 2/3 down the page:


It shows a dpdt switch for series/parallel for DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan wire colours.

You can do series/single with your 3-prong switch and you can do series/single/parallel with an on/on/on dpdt switch.
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