In My Mind:

Really like the intro. I like the use of guitar along with the electronic instruments, especially the distorted guitar chords. I'm not a big fan of the distorted bass used for the first minute or two of the song, I think some of the high-end needs to be filtered. I'd work on the vocals some more, there's a lot of repetition and some awkward melodies.
This isn't really the style of music I'm into so I can't give you a very good review. From a layman's point of view both songs sound pretty professional and well done. I didn't like the vocals very much, just a personal preference, but I did enjoy the guitar solo in "In My Mind".
"In My Mind" sounds professional, pretty well done! Definitely some very 80's sounding synth. What program did you use to record this? Cool guitar solo. "Need Cooperation" is also pretty cool. keep up the good work!
Like I've said before, your voice reminds me of T.Rex. That's great

I liked In My Mind a lot. Some very cool synth sounds going on there. I especially liked how the guitar worked with the synths. Great job.

Need Cooperation is also a cool song. The main riff wasn't too memorable to me at the first listening, but I'm sure it would grow on me with several listenings. For some reason I liked the synths most in this track. Nice guitar work in this one!

Very great sounding songs, overall. The first track especially!
Keep them coming!
Hi Aaron

I liked your track In My Mind the arrangement was well done with the synth layers. I thought the synth and bass was clear. As others have said, the guitar worked well the synth.

Need Cooperation also had some great synth parts. I particularly liked the starfish sounding part around the 2:20 mark. Another strong song overall.

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hey thanks for the comment and i dig the glassy guitar sounds you got goin throughout for rhythm. The solo is also very nice. and the synths right after are nicely place as well.
In my mind: now this is aaron aardvark style I've come to enjoy! Solid song all around, great composition. Really cant say much, other than I really dug it man!
Need cooperation: this might be the most unique song I've heard by u. I love the ending circus like synth part, the guitar work fit great, and the composition level in this one was great! I had to listen 3 times over! Loved this song man!
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Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! "In My Mind" was recorded with Cubase LE4 (it has a Ping Pong delay that you can MIDI sync to the tempo of the music). Not sure what a starfish sounds like, but perhaps you're talking about a band; but I appreciate the compliment.
In My Mind: I was straining to hear drums (intended?) at all other then a standout cymbal in the left speaker on my setup. I did not like the one vocal where the the end of the word time was exaggerated like at the 1:00 mark. Otherwise very cool vibe and sound.

Need Cooperation: Cool. I particularly like the bass sound and level in the mix you got in that one. Just a cool tune. Can't think of anything to crit in that one.

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1662800
In my mind- This sounds like it came out in the 80's kinda interesting because you dont hear this style much anymore. The vocals are good and fit the style well. I think the synth bass overpowers at times, especially during the guitar solo. I like the stereo effects. The song is catchy and flows well

Need cooperation- Vocals remind me of Janes addiction, which is cool. The main guitar riff is cool especially how it has some dark overtones. I like the synth solo, but think a different instrument in place of it would sound better to my ears. Another catchy song. It ends well

Sonically, it sounds really vintage-y and has that nice self-produced vibe about it. The fact that it's not polished, considering the context of the style, really adds a lot to the song. One thing that I would change maybe, the difference in levels between different instruments. 8.2/10

Compositionally, quite enjoyable songs. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I'm sure there are a lot of other people out there who would enjoy this type of music. 8.2/10

Thanks for posting this song, and thanks for the review you did of my song!
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Thanks for critique.

In My Mind: Starts off with hints it could be an industrial monster but then that tremolo guitar comes in and makes it something else. The synth parts there remind me a bit of Fade To Grey by Visage. Some of the bass pops out too much IMO. Needs smothing out or compressing. Honestly I have trouble with recording bass parts at home.
Later in the song it gets a bit Human League-ish.
Overall, an interesting hybrid of a tune that could be enjoyable in a crowd.

Need Cooperation: The bass on this is spot on. The guitars sound good, playing non-typical notes in a scale. Reminds me of some of Andy Summers' songs in the Police.
Vocals on both could be an acquired to taste to some.
This could be a good desert driving song.
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Hey mate, I finally got some free time and I was able to listen to your music. I gave a listen to " In My Mind" and I really like the instruments, nice work there. But I don't like the voice at all, and it may be a thing of how everyone has different tastes. It's not that it's bad, I just don't think it fits the song. The track has something that reminds me of Tears for Fears. Afterwards, I gave a listen to "Need Cooperation" and I entered an ethereal plateau. I like it, the instruments are great, and the voice is just perfect for this kind of thing.
Thanks for the critique.

I listened to "In My Mind". Right off the bat I liked the synth and bass combo. When the vocals came in I also enjoyed them a lot, sounded a bit like the lead singer of "Sex-Bob-Omb". The chorus I felt was at times too similar to the bridge. I enjoyed the guitar solo more than the synth solo.
Overall thought it was a very solid track, reminded me also a bit of David Bowie.
Hey Aaron, seems like Need Cooperation hasn't gotten as much attention, so I'll focus on it. The guitar tone is rocking, and the synth work, as usual, is excellent. You've definitely gotten better since I've heard your stuff last! The drums seemed a little quiet at times, to me- that's the only thing I'd play with.
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Very clear recordings. Both songs have a 'popular' sound, in that they have a radio vibe (although more in the 80s than current Miley stuff, if you know what I mean). Maybe it's me and the way I produce my stuff (which I may over-do at times), but I would add a hint of reverb to the instruments to give the productions a bit fuller sound as they come out slightly flat (to my ears).
I love the sound quality of all the songs, they sound pretty stellar. Mix-wise they are pretty solid too! I'm actually not into this type of music, but I enjoyed listening through all of them. I always think more guitars are never a bad idea wish you luck on your musical journey!
Thanks for checking my stuff out. Now yours: I like In My Mind better than Need Cooperation, but that's just me. The music sounds very NIN-like, and the vocals sound kind of like Damon Albarn. Overall, it's a solid song. Need Cooperation is a little too weird for me. I thought the drum beat sounded a little too cliched to be used on electronic drums. Also, I think the bassline, which is great, would sound better if you didn't play it staccato, but rather with more of a groove. I don't know if you recorded and sampled it, or if you played the whole thing.

Do you record about two songs a week? It seems like every time I turn around, you've got new stuff. You must work pretty hard.
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Thank you for the comments, I appreciate it! I usually record at least 12 songs a year. On 'Need Cooperation', I'm playing a real life electric bass through the song.
Hey, thanks for the comment!

I like the beginning of Need Cooperation. As I've said before, I really enjoy your vocal style. If I had to make a suggestion, I would take the chorus off of the guitar and dirty up the drums and distortion- sort of White Stripes style. That's more my personal preference though. I was pleased to hear the organ come in mid-way. It was a nice interlude before getting back to the main guitar motif (enjoyed the whammy work on that!).

In My Mind: Chill, trippy, nice to have on while hanging out in my living room. One thing that might be cool is to introduce a beefed up, louder beat around half way through the song to build on the idea and keep the listener's attention. Hope that helps!
In My Mind is a dark, moody, even tenebrous or lugubrious synth power-pop song. The rich baritone voice slides through lazy slippery phrases smoothly and easily. The piece is complimented by a tasteful use of echo effect. The overall production is congruous, with modulation subtly applied to the lead vocal to blend it with the coloured wash of synths.

Going into the song "In My Mind", I didn't think I'd be into it, but it's pretty funky. Some people have mentioned about vintage/retro sound, which I totally see. It reminds me of some from the mid-late 1990s. But overall, it's really nice, the vocals are infectious. One thing I would say, is that the bass is a little high and could fine-tuned...it stands out a bit more and I think you ought to mesh it more with the overall mix.

As for "Need Cooperation," the drums ought to be more present, maybe play around with the guitar tones as well. But the bass works really well in this song.
I listened to "In My Mind". A cool different style you are going for. I liked the synth instruments coming in but it seemed like balancing the synth and analog instruments wasn't done very well. The bass would come in kind of hard and sloppy on the higher notes. Your voice warbled a bit in some sections. The guitar was meh ok. I think it would sound a lot better if you could work on improving your bass sound and tightening up performance. Guitar I wanted a lot more, but it is what it is. Voice could be tightened up as in some sections it fell off. But a good start. An honest listen, hope this helps! Cheers!