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The piano sounded painfully midi to me, and I thought a more natural sound might go better, but as the track went on I forgot about it completely, and it may be personal taste.
I usually put some kind of modulation on that piano synth when I use it to create a little variation; I may have to go back and put a flanger on it or something.
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For the type of piece it is, it's easy to sound like a rather good backtrack to a rap but I think it stands on its own too well, it feels like a fully formed piece of music.
I take a lot of influence from Trip-Hop producers, where sounding like a "backtrack to a rap" is actually kind of a basis of the genre. A lot of the hip-hop vibe comes from having a busy, half-time rhythm section.
this is a really pretty song. i love the piano, as well as the drum parts. keep up the good work! really like the overall style and ambience.

Thanks for your crit earlier!

The song starts with a nice piano, and I liked the little pulses that start around 30 sec mark. The chorus is very nice in terms of melody and composition. You clearly know what you're doing.

What I would've liked to hear (personal preference) is a bit more ambience here and there, especially in the chorus. It's still a really cool song with a nice vibe.

Keep it up!
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This song is great and you have a great style. I recommend you listen to an Icelandic band called Múm, particularly the song "Green Grass of Tunnel". Their style is very similar to yours and might give you some cool ideas. Cheers
I just looked them up, and wow, I'm going to be busy for awhile. The Album Leaf and Sigur Ros are two of my biggest influences, and Mum sounds like an awesome blend of the two.
@herby190: I think I agree with that piano sounding a little dull. I think it would be interesting to hear what it would sound like with a Flanger or Chorus. I do like the "lo-fi" noise percussion in this piece. I think it's very fitting. If I'm not mistaken, those were all GP6 sounds for guitars right? It would be nice to hear this with real instruments and a longer outro/buildup at the end. My favourite section starts at around 1:14. The guitar is very nice, you could use this theme to extend the outro and add harmonies with tremolo picked guitars (in a higher octave too). A percussion solo at the end wouldn't hurt either if done tastefully.

Awesome beat that comes in, I've been trying to do something of that sort myself but can't get it to sound right. Also, the really low bass (synth?) sound is cool. Mind sharing how you got that?
I would have put some reverb on the piano at the beginning to emulate it being played in some sort of big room, think that would have been nice. Also, the kick in the part before the outro could have been louder for me (i notice someone said it should be quieter, just shows its all personal preference :P). Second one of your tracks I've listened to, and Im really liking it so far. The ending was awesome again!
There were two key parts to getting that percussive sound: making the snare sample, and making it cut in and out like that. I'm not sure which you're asking about, so I'll explain both; you can skip whichever paragraph isn't relevant.

To make that snare sound, I took two snare samples, and put a ton of effects on them. This was my signal chain. This created a very noisy and treble-y sound. If you look at the filters on the overdrive and reverb, you'll see they both cut the bass out of the snare sound as well. I sampled the two snares playing through that signal chain, and used that one sample to create all of those percussive parts you hear cutting in and out. I put the sample on two different tracks, panned to opposite sides (the left one had some additional overdrive).

To get the snare to cut in and out like that, I manually highlighted-and-deleted and dragged-and-dropped parts of the audio to get it to cut in and out; for example, here's the first verse (or whatever you want to call the first section that uses the snare sample). I stretched and shrunk some of the samples to change the tone and pitch. You can also see some parts where the audio of the snare is reversed to create fade-ins.

To get the bass sound, I used Ableton's Operator, which lets you combine different basic waveforms (like sin, saw, square, triangle, et cetera). The bass is made from 3 square waves and a sin wave

I hope I answered your questions, and I'm glad to answer any others you have.

Edit: I should mention that there's another, more normal sounding snare under the manipulated samples playing separately.
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Hey dude,

I can see myself listening to this song while I jog. It has a feelgood, everything is going to be okay vibe. Love the solo that you get into at 2:24 it really brings it to a whole new level . Cheers!