Hey guys.
I'm having a problem switching from the high e to be doing legato licks. When I lift my 1st finger off e the b rings out, creating a very unwelcome noise.

How do I mute this? With my picking hand?

Thanks for helping.
What i do when muting is 2 things.

Left hand: the tip of the index finger mute the string above the one you are currently playing. So if you are playing the high e string, the tip of your index should mute the b string. And then the bottom half of my index mutes the strings below the one i am currently playing. So if i am playing D on the fifth fret of the A string and hit all strings, the index should mute the D, G, B and high E string.

Right hand: I mute the string above the one i am playing legato on with my pick, so if i am doing legato on the b string, my pick is resting on the G string. and my middle finger is resting on the string below the one i am doing legato on, so if i am doing legato on the b string my middle finger is resting on the high e string.

All that together pretty much covers most of my muting. Also resting my hand on the bridge and using the palm of my hand to mute the strings.
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As Sickz says. You can also curl your little finger of your picking hand, and rest that lighly on the strings above where you're playing (so, play b string, rest on e string). This, combined with your palm edge, create a small tunnel that only allows one string to ring out.

cheers, Jerry