Any recommended apps for my ipad? Maybe a tuner, and some other useful apps as I start on my journey of learning my electric guitar. I did notice a few tuners on the app store, but would rather ask the community here on what they like/use/recommend, as you guys are the pros
Save time and just spend ten bucks on a nice battery powered tuner. Don’t waste your time with the iOS stuff—it’s almost all garbage apps knocked off of garbage apps. There are some good recording, modeling, and production tools, but those require the purchase of a good digital interface to sound passable.
Yeah I got 3: iTunes, Ultimate Guitar (just bookmark UG site as an app), Youtube. These are all how I learned guitar. Listening, reading tabs and watching vids.

Anything else in app form is kind of stupid or you have to pay money for it.
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I have several tuner apps in my iPhone; I don't always have a nice battery powered tuner available when I'm out and about.

Polytune (TC Electronics) is a near-duplicate of their standalone product. It's been free (briefly) a couple of times, was $9.99 for a long time, currently $4.99. A quick strum will tell you which strings are in, which are out of pitch, because you can see all six at once in that mode.

The one included in GuitarToolKit by Agile Partners is excellent. http://agilepartners.com/apps/guitartoolkit/
In fact, I'd say that GuitarToolKit is pretty much a must-have app for guitarists with iPhones.