I need some advice. I have a 2002 PRS # 2 CE23458 with a Marshall Amp MG100FX. the guitar is in the case,has the pedal and a tuner. I loaned a friend of mine that has heart problems some money and this is what he repaid me with. Could someone please tell me what they are worth? All are in excellent condition. The loan was $800 thanks
The guitar should be worth $1100-1300 depending on condition (good or mint). The MG amps are poor quality but you might get $200 for it. You got payed back alot more than what you gave him, but I'd keep it if I were you, great opportunity to learn how to play.
The PRS CE line is excellent and runs $900-$1300 depending on the color and options. like said above, the amp is crap and is worth $300-$350 on a great day. If someone wants it and they have $200 cash take it and run

Got a pic of the guitar
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