Hello there!

I would like to introduce my band Nachtval!

Nachtval is a Dutch-Belgian Progressive Folk/Black Metal initiative. The band rooted from the mind of Thijs Weijers and soon he was joined by Florian, Bas and Yannick. Later on, Mark, Peter-Jan and Arvid joined.
Looking to the primordial values of life, their music addresses the issues and conflicts fueled by corrupt powers that came to rise during human evolution. Combining the sound of folk and black metal with a progressive twist, they achieve a unique and refreshing sound, exploring a different branch of folk.

Listen (Bandcamp):

1. Intro
2. Banneling
3. De Onderlanden
4. Nachtval

Vocals: Thijs Weijers
Guitar: Florian van Tuil
Guitar: Bas Hofman
Bass: Peter-Jan van Velzen
Drums: Yannick Smits
Violin: Arvid Vermote
Keys: Mark Oosterbaan

Schecter Jeff Loomis 7-String
Engl Savage 120
Maxon OD-808
Harley benton 2x12 v30's
Bugera 333
Bugera 6260