Seen a 70% discount on this badboy for black Friday, anyone know if this is any goof cos I may pick it up.
define good? by 70% off, do you mean 70% off the MSRP or the street price? The MSRP is 1570, so 70% off woudl be about $470 bucks, or 70% off the street price of 999 is roughly $300. I would pick it up for $300 if I was into tremolo bridges.

I would get a lot more excited about the hardtail version.
Floyd Rose Special = immediate skip for me. It's just not worth it. Even if you spend $200 to put an OFR or an FRT in it, you still have a cheap guitar with a good bridge.

Pickups are their in house stuff too. It's just a cheap/sub-pro level guitar all around.
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