I just found these guys through facebook and went to their website (www.guique.co.uk).
The coloured knobs and rings look pretty cool and would make a nice custom touch.

I'm thinking of buying some of the engraved volume knobs....

Has anyone used them? Or have any thoughts?
I'd say go for it. I haven't but I'm constantly modding guitars and doing projects.

One site I really like in America is either q-parts.com or axetremecreations.com

guitaheads.net I believe the site is called you could have engraved trussrod covers and neck plates.

Just letting you know I bought the parts. They're really amazing! and loads nicer than any Chinese stuff on fleabay. I will post a picture soon...
very nice , yeah send me a message I'll have to check them out for sure if I do any projects. The only thing new I did was a reliced squier classic vibe and put custom wiring and a white pearl pickguard on it for a customer.