I just got this Yamaha electric guitar off my friend. It play fantastic actually low action and just feels great all around. Do you think its good enough quality even though its cheap to slap some high quality pick ups on it maybe some better tuners and make it a work horse guitar?


This is the guitar ^
I think it'd be worth your time to get a used MIM Strat. Drop in Strat parts from 3rd party companies are made to fit that of Fender spec, which the Yamaha is not. Then, even without the upgrades, you still have a solid Strat through and through.

It's also not worth it to drop high end parts in a cheap ass guitar. The tremolo, frets, and wood quality will all still suck. It may sound like the pickups, but it'll probably be a pain to play and keep tuned.

Don't be the guy with a mid-90's Honda Civic and the $2,000 racing muffler that you deliver pizzas in.
I have a gibson les paul standard thats my main one but i just thought itd be a cool project