Hi all,
I'm learning the acoustic breakdown from Opeth's Ghost of Perdition at the moment and am having trouble with my right (picking hand). I can hit all of the notes no problems, but as I rest my palm on the bridge of my guitar while playing my arpeggios, the E and A strings are muted when I'm playing D G B and e.
I've tried 'floating' my right hand but my accuracy drops to about 10% and it feels extremely wrong - can anyone give me advice on the correct right hand technique so those low notes ring nicely? Any help much appreciated, cheers.
When I need to do something like that, I either move my hand so far back on the bridge that my palm in on the pins and not touching any strings at all, or I float the hand with the pinky anchored on the edge of the soundhole.
My advice to you is, even though it feels weird and uncomfortable, NEVER rest your picking hand. If you find yourself doing it, stop and try again. In the beginning you will need to think about not resting your hand every time you play, but soon it will become second nature.


I am no expert, but the proper technique is to not rest your hand on the bridge, the strings or anywhere for that matter (although many really accomplished guitarists do this). The only exception to this would be anchoring your pinky finger on the pick guard (although, i do not like doing that).

I had the same problem of resting my palm on the bridge and/or strings at times and had to make a conscientious effort to STOP. My playing slowed in the beginning, but after a while it became second nature; I think I am a better player as a result.

I identified the issue when I started interchanging lead and rhythm. When playing lead, I would rest my palm, but when strumming chords in rhythm, my hand would be free floating. Going back and forth between the two was difficult using the two techniques so I switched to only using proper picking technique.
Arpeggio picking is hard!

It's okay to have the hand on the guitar as long as you're not exerting pressure on it. In your case it's muting the lower strings so I'm afraid you'll just have to move your hand out of the way. Remember that this only need to be a tiny adjustment - from touching to not touching is not far!