I really would like a hand wired amp, but I want an effects loop. Thoughts?

Also, head and cab or combo?

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As far as I know, usually time based effects like delay and reverb, and sometimes flanger, chorus, and phaser, go into the effects loop. But theres not rules about that.

What kind of effects are you planning to use, or want to use? A hand wired amp may theoretically be better, depending on who makes them.

As far as head and cab or a combo goes, Vox to me have always been combo amplifiers. I'm sure the heads sound great and give you more variety with various cabs, but I think of a combo when I think of Vox amps.

In my opinion, if you're going to use a lot of effects consistently, go for the regular AC30. You can totally use delays and reverbs in front of the amp, not in the loop, but it will give you a different sound, for better or worse.

What kind of bands do you like, or what sounds are you going after? Would you be interested in other amps besides an AC30?

I hope that helps.
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