I was just listening to the song that made me want to learn the guitar. 6 years have passed since that moment . My question is, what song was it that made you guys decide to play the guitar? Mine was "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria. Although my musical taste has completely changed, I am always grateful for that song.
I picked up guitar after my older brother gave me the "Ride the Lightning" album by Metallica. Same thing applies to me aswell, my musical taste has made a 180 since then. The first two years of playing thrash metal was the only thing on my mind, then i started listening all kinds of metal, nowadays metal is one of the styles i listen the least to, and i am more of a fusion/jazz musician.
Fusion and jazz musician, a fan of most music.

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I'll probably get the "cheese" award, but here goes...

Ratt - Round and Round. 1985~ish 14 years old.
I grew up with my Dad owning a small recording studio and I always loved music. I listened to everything from pop to hard rock and had been playing piano for about 5 years. I'm sure I was thinking chicks would dig a guitarist more than a pianist.

But seriously, something about DeMartini's sound on that song really made me want to play and sound like that. Although it didn't take long for Metallica(1st 3 albums) and Randy Rhoads influence to take over.
Lil Devil by The Cult.

There was an old guitar in my house (don't know where it came from!) and I was using it instead of an Air Guitar whilst watching the video for that song on Top Of The Pops back in 1987. Dad saw me & arranged for someone he knew to teach me the basics of guitar, been gradually teaching myself the rest ever since.
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Quite a bunch of songs from Guitar Hero 3. Took me a year to finally get an electric guitar after noodling helplessly on a 3/4 acoustic.

Intervals and AAL made me splurge on an 8-string.
Smells like Teen Spirit back in the early 90's. I can't stand the song now, totally different taste in music but at the time it got me interested
When I was 13 I saw a kid playing Dick Dale's Miserlou in my school and I was like "Wow, that's awesome. Maybe I could do that?"
I think one of the things that I wanted to learn when I first started was "Hound Dog" performed by Elvis Presley.

Then Van Halen came up and drove me to actually learn, so I attribute my initial drive to EVH.
"Roustabout" by Elvis Presley

I was seven years old...I was impressionable...what can I say..?

It was on TV.... I stumbled on one of those Elvis in Hollywood movies.... and seeing someone ride down the highway on a motorbike, singing, with a guitar slung over their back was wayyy cool to my seven year old mind.

The very next week I was in lessons with the old nylon string acoustic learning "Mary Had A Little Lamb"... (not the Stevie Ray Vaughan version)...
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Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same double live album. Used to get nicely toasted and dream of being Jimmy up there on stage
There is no song like that for me. I like many songs, and lots of varieties of music.

It is the guitar and its character that made me want to play it.

I love music. Instruments let me make music. I like the way a guitar works, and the music it lets me make. I learned a number of instruments, and this one is my favourite for its own characteristics, not for what others did with it, but for what I want to do with it.

There are many guitarists/songs that I find are cool and inspirational though, even if my style is not too similar. Monte montgomery's little wing is one example. Anything Tommy emmanuel plays, jon gomm's passionflower, and carlos vamos' little wing also.

There are lots of cool things like that for lots of other instruments though as well.
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Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same double live album. Used to get nicely toasted and dream of being Jimmy up there on stage

Funny you should say that, id liked my current type of music for around ayear before i got into zep and bought TSRTS, i decided to play guitar about 10 seconds into "the ocean" live.

and yet i still havent learnt that entire song!
This is embarrassing, but the 12 year old me was inspired by the Offsprings' "Pretty Fly for a White Guy".

My parents said if I got a guitar I had to take lessons. My teacher reluctantly tabbed out "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" and then insisted I learn "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. As a 12 year old I hated playing "Wish You Were Here" as I thought it was old people music, but learned it anyway. As I grew older, I began to appreciate real music and learned to love the song. To this day, "Wish You Were Here" is my all time favorite song and serves as a lot of my inspiration on the guitar. I wish my guitar teacher from when I was 12 were here so that I could thank him to forcing me into learning that song.
As a whole, the Black Album from Metallica is what not only got me listening to music, but also later, inspired me to play. More specifically, I loved "Nothing Else Matters". It still remains one of my favorite songs to both play and listen to. Since then, there have obviously been a lot of other influences and changing taste in music, but that's where it started for me.
Children of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet? and Megadeth - Angry Again, I think. Was really into metal back then. Nowadays, not so much.
It wasn't one song - it was seeing the Beatles live on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964. I bugged my parents relentlessly and, exactly one week later on my 11th birthday, I received my first guitar. It was a Sears Silvertone. That guitar is long gone, but I'm still playing the instrument more than 50 years later. Good times!
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Master of Puppets and Iron Man...I was 8 years old and bought a first act from Meijers and was soon disappointed that I didn't sound like them