Poll: Guthrie Govan or Buckethead?
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Guthrie Govan
14 78%
4 22%
Voters: 18.
As a long time Buckethead fanatic, and short time Guthrie fan... I have to say, Guthrie blows Buckethead's bucket off.


In this hour long jazz-fusion session he plays everything that Buckethead ever played, and even more. I ****ing love this guy.

What do you think?
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These two are in two completely different realms of playing style. To say one of them is better than the other is like saying carrots are better at being orange than oranges, i.e. it's a pointless argument.
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Not bothered about whose better than who. Playing music shouldn't be a competition.. It's art. That's all. But I do love Guthrie. Only heard about him after I found out he's the guitarist for Steve Wilson's Solo albums. Amazing player. Check out the Aristocrats. Really great stuff on their albums.
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Again I don't think it's a fair comparison, though I like Govan far more.
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Guthrie is the most versatile player I know, he can make any genre sound extremely tasty (from jazz over blues and rockabilly to metal riffs), he's absolutely brilliant at imitating other guitarists and him in a trio with Marco Minnemann and Bryan Beller is just madness, amazingly crazy shit (in a good way). And his guitar teaching books are brilliant too.
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i think guthrie is technically better but he doesn't have the same level of expressiveness in his lead playing, also buckethead's riffs are really catchy.
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Buckethead's playing, music, persona, humor, etc is way more interesting, and that matters far more than technical ability.
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I don't really like jazz so I haven't listened to Govan much, but I enjoy his teaching on youtube.

There is no filter with Buckethead material. Everything that he has ever thought of has been released. I know he has contributed to over 100 albums...and not like a session player just plays, these are different projects. I am all for people releasing more vs less....but when a lot of Buckethead's stuff is noise and sound effects and just eccentric, I don't see the point.