I am in need of help choosing an amp. I just received my electric guitar yesterday (Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro) and now I need to get an amp for it. The issue is I live in an apartment setting so it cannot be too loud and it would be helpful to be able to use headphones if needed. I am not sure what I would be using it for yet as I am fairly new to electric (been playing acoustic for years). I don't have any intentions right now of going on gigs but I may use it at church for worship which is a small church but there's no guarantee of that right now.

The sound I am really looking for is from the band Hillsong or Hillsong United. I thought about going with the Line 6 Spider but there is no delay on it and I hear running pedals through it does not sound too good. Hillsong makes heavy use of delays (especially dotted eighth note delay) and some general distortion so not having a delay is a big issue. I also thought maybe I should just go with something along the lines of a POD but I may want to hear the guitar without headphones too.

I've looked at some tube amps but it sounds like a lot of them are loud which might not work for being in an apartment. I've looked at the VHT Special 6 but a guitar shop told me to stay away from those since they're imported. They recommended a peavy or a Blues Jr. I love the sound of Marshall's. I've also looked at the Blackstar HT-1R which is only 1 watt all tube amp and seems decent but I just do not know.

Ultimately I wanted to go with a Full drive 2 MOSFET pedal and a Boss DD7 with footswitch for dotted eighth delay to start with but I am really confused on what I should do amp wise.

Here are some examples of the type of songs I would like to play:

Price range is iffy. I was originally looking at the spider or even Marshall MG series like $100 range but the Low watt tube amps are around 300, I would like to stay under 350 if possible. Any suggestions or advice?
If you go the POD route you can pick up a powered monitor to play without headphones
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If you go the POD route you can pick up a powered monitor to play without headphones

This, but I prefer the Zoom G3/5. Both are fairly even, so it's worth trying both to see which you get on best with.
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Are either the POD or the Zoom G3/5 good with delay. A lot of the songs I like involve switching between cleans w/ delay and overdrive (without delay)
Pod and Vox Tonelab do Hillsong stuff well. This is the ticket for apt living.
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Hmm, the POD HD500 looks pretty tempting. Is that a good POD and worth the price?