Here is a composition using the DC800 and a device called the Guitar Resonator by Vibesware. It's a feedback system that I used throughout the song (incredible sustain and you can select between regular tone or a feedback tone). I'm doing a Youtube video on this product, and this is the piece I wrote for it.

Go to:


The top song, Feedbacker, is there.
this is a very professional sounding recording. i absolutely LOVE that guitar tone. do you listen to satriani at all? thats what the guitar lead reminded me of when i first heard it. great playing!
Thanks... I did take a Satriani patch from my Boss GT-Pro and altered it a bit (I'm playing an 8-string Carvin with active pickups, and so I needed to tame it down a bit).
Wow that sounds cool man. i was just thinking Satriani too. The mix sounds damn good too
Alright man, it sounds awesome.

There's a few spots where the timing is a little off on your leads, thats my only critique. Since it wasn't done professionally that's completely normal. I guess i'd say what you play stands out as more of a sample, then a song. It isn't something i'd listen to just because there's nothing that makes you want to hear it again.. you know what I mean? The guitar solo doens't really build into anything, but it sounds fantastic.

Your tone is great and you're playing great. You probably know this by now i'm sure. ;P
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Yes, it was to demonstrate the Guitar Resonator as opposed to anything else. Thanks.