Anyone seen this type of crack before??

someone has offered my this guitar, great price for the model, but i cant see it in person. Theyre being very honest, didnt need to show the crack, they brought it up an claim it has no effect on the guitar, but still pretty unsure.

any tips or advice??
Pictures would be really helpful. More information is needed.
A crack in the finish in the back trem route is nothing. A deep crack under the trem posts could be a serious issue. For the most part cracks in the body can be stabilized with little issue.

Try www.imgur.com for image uploading.

I've had a couple of inexpensive guitars where string tension has caused cracks at either end the wall between the trem block and trem spring cavities, causing the bridge to move forward slightly. This is serious, but mine were easily and permanently fixed with slow setting epoxy.