Hey guys, just wondering if someone could give me a hand debugging my LP copy?
Basically, If I were to turn the bridge volume to full and the neck to 0, if I switch to the neck pickup, there's still a lot of sound coming through. This completely goes away if I roll off the bridge volume.
Here's a sound demo:


I'm thinking that it may be the switch that's the problem since the one in my Schecter has none of these problems.
Any ideas?
Has it always done this? If yes, then I'd say dodgy grounding, or you have intersecting wires somewhere. Check that first, then replace the switch if everything looks clean.
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Those switchcraft ones are great replacements. As are the cheap 3 way toggles on ebay with free shipping they are about 1 to 3 dollars American. The same kind found on Korean and japanese guitars like Jackson , LTD , BC Rich and so forth.

I think the problem is from the volume pots not being wired properly. If you've got time I'd check how the volume pots are wired it may be something easy to fix.

The only problem I tend to see with selectors is if they are scratchy like you hear a slight fizz from the selector or even volume pots (wd40 fixes that issue). For a good diagram Seymour Duncan is what I'd recommend. It's very easy to follow and every wire is mentioned unlike say for example the guitar electronics "dot" com ones. Wiring wise though for a les paul try the 1950s style wiring your 10-1 is more smoother decreasing volume. Think of how the tone knob rolls off treble is how smooth the volume would be. Luckily it's no extra components or anything.

hopefully the problem was fixed by now though.
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