Hey, guys. I want to promote my solo project called "Haunted Saturdays". It's, for the most part, and experimental-electronic looping project. Using only a MicroKORG, BOSS Looper, guitar, and sampler. I will be recording my EP soon for it, it should be pretty cool. Message me if you wanna know more, like information and such.

On the weekends, Saturday seems to be the most bothersome day. My room is haunted, and freaky stuff always happens. It gives me some unique ideas for music.

Instrument rig (live):
BOSS RC-2 Looper
(Any amp/guitar/mic works for me, doesn't matter.)

Recording rig (Sampled):
Kitty Keys Vintage UNIQUE White Piano
Vintage Toy Accordion
MicroKORG (custom)
Music Pieces by Chopin

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The other band I'm in, I should promote as well. We are known as Melancholy. We're mainly a group of two, but my friend Dan joined as well. We're a punk-garage band. A little bit surfy, but mostly just garage and some indie now and then. We are currently recording our LP on cassette due January 2015.

Dak (me) - Guitar, vocals
Zac - Drums, vocals
Dan - Guitar, bass, vocals

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Ice On The Dune, everyone.