Hey guys, been using my ac30 for a while now and am absolutely loving it. I keep it set to where if I play normal it's crystal clean. But picking hard gives me a nice tube breakup. Then use my soul food for extreme overdrive. Only problem is the soul food gets a little muddy and is just too thumpy sounding.
I've been thinking about getting an or15 to run alongside my ac30 for all my dirt needs because I love the or circuit. But the ac30 's clean is much better and take pedals amazingly.
So my question is what pedals can I use with my ac30 to get that rude obnoxious angry grit without being too thumpy?
Earthquaker Monarch, Tech 21 Oxford. Both good, both work well with AC type amps. I like the Earthquaker better, more of that wooly Orange bottom end.
I'll have to listen to that double drive as soon as I get home!

I've owned multiple tube screamers and tube screamer clones. Not really the tone I'm going for.
I had the monarch for a couple months back when I was playing a classic 30. I never liked it. Always seemed sort of underwhelming? It felt like it didn't have loads of power? In fact so much so that I thought mine was broken and sent it to Akron for repairs. He sent it back saying it worked perfectly. What's that Oxford pedal like?
Similar, but not as big in the bass, and it's got the speaker modeling if you want that. I think there was something wrong with your pedal, all the Earthquakers I've played have been very powerful sounding, almost to a fault. The White Light would be my other suggestion from Earthquaker, it's got more of a low-mids thing going on and has that nasty big OD that is reminiscent of Orange amps.
That Oxford pedal sounds amazing!!! I'm just trying to decide if I should buy that or revisit the monarch just I guess.
I love earthquaker stuff. Maybe that pedal was busted. It just felt like I had the gain maxed just to get some breakup from a clean classic 30.
I already run one of their organizers so I wouldn't mind more pedals from them.
Look at the AMT O-Drive or the AMT Legend O2 pedals
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Honestly, depending on what you mean by "Orange sound" I'd take a good look at a decent Muff fuzz clone. Something like the Blackout Effectors Musket or Black Arts Pharoah would be a good shout. I just don't think the AC would have that same bottom end response that I associate with Oranges with just an OD emulating the Orange sound
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So a pedal that is supposed to sound like an Orange won't sound like an Orange but a fuzz not designed to sound like one will? How does that make sense?

Having played a few of the "Orange in a Box" pedals I think they do a fine job. A fuzz is a perfectly good suggestion but not because those amp pedals don't do what they are supposed to.
Just my experience s'all. I've tried both EQD pedals and didn't really get on with either of them, but a muff always does the trick for me
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It's just that the Orange signature sound is so unique, kinda congested low mids grind (which I like but can't describe too well) that it is really hard to get with other amps.

I wouldn't go AMT, have bad experience with their build quality and customer support.

Here's some samples of the Double Drive:
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