ok so i got a show coming up in two weeks and my vocalists wants me to smash a guitar over his back its an old peavey predator probably from the 90s(non-functioning and pretty much devoid of all hardware) anyway i need to know if theres a way i can set it up so that it will basically start falling apart before it even hits him so as to avoid cause any serious injury i also need to be able to practice the actual smashing of the guitar so i should be able to reassemble it for repeated attempts rehearsals of this smashing
Unbolt the neck completely. Tape up the neck pocket so the neck just fits with friction. Should pop right in half.
I'd probably saw into it a bit. No way one smash is going to do it though even if it was basswood or plywood. If you do have strings on it have them loose and flappy.

I remember this magician Penn Jillette (penn and tellers bullsh!t) and long story short to entice kids to go into karate they get the kids to chop blocks and smash boards with their fists and kicks. BUT.. what they do is have them all prepped so anyone can do it. Like say saw into it a little bit into it. As long as the audience doesn't see it.

but remember to tape it, worst case scenario sell the guitar on ebay if you want to make 75-100$ assuming the neck before shipping assuming it isn't warped. Electronics and hardware can be replaced.

by the way if you wanted more guitar bodies try guitarfetish.com their clearance blowout sale is full of bodies for 30-50$ if you wanted to do it again.
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well i guess you could say im not so much trying to smash it as i am just trying to make everything fly apart on contact
thanks for the website though ive been considering building my own guitars that may help
A couple of years ago Gibson introduce the Firebird X. At the introduction (which in some publicist's mind was a recreation of an Apple product introduction), Henry J was supposed to make the point that the old guitar was dead and the new one was on the stage, so they handed him an SG clone that had the neck half sawn through. Even at that, Henry didn't manage to break the guitar first time through.

Here's another thing; You'd better make sure your liability insurance (and that of whatever venue you're playing at) is up to date. Not only can you seriously injure your vocalist, but you can also kill someone else in the band or the audience if the flying body or neck bounces and heads there. I've seen guitar spin failures that have ruined guitars and that have nailed their singers in the mouth and head. It's a stupid stunt you're planning and you need to consider the ramifications of injury not ONLY to your singer, but also to anyone within sling distance of a chunk of wood weighing several pounds.

As they say on the stunt shows: Don't try this at home. They know what they're doing and you obviously don't. Unintended consequences could bankrupt your families, the owner of the venue, and could injure or even kill someone. Think.
I'd seriously consider using a cardboard prop instead.
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we intend to rehearse this several times prior to the show for the sake of safety if we find we can not safely pull off this stunt it will be pulled from the show or be replaced by a far easier to destroy prop guitar(especially since the show is at a college) safety is key and it is already planned out far enough that the audience will not have any worry should the stunt go through as stated there is no hardware left within the guitar its an empty shell so there is no risk of small part (pick ups, knobs, etc.) flying at them
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ok so i got a show coming up in two weeks and my vocalists wants me to smash a guitar over his back

To be honest, this is your first problem here. But to each his own. People probably consider me erratic since I somewhat mosh while I'm playing Christian alternative.

I guess your band (or at least your vocalist) centers their image around egotism and/or societal rebellion and reformation. So if you're going to do this, you better be just as ~angry as you would be to actually smash a guitar on his back through impulse if you're going to stage such a thing.

Literally make the guitar start to fall apart. Secure nothing to itself.
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Honestly, there's no way you're going to hit somebody with a guitar without it hurting. You'd have to severely gimmick the thing to the point that you wouldn't be able to play with it or swing like a girl. Heck even pro wrestlers don't use electric guitars for smashing spots. It's all weakened acoustics that will basically crumble on impact.

Not to mention it would probably be 'cooler' if you just smashed it on the ground or something. I would probably just think you guys were morons if you just whack your singer with a guitar. If you need it reassembled then you'll have to cut the guitar apart (not in areas that are important to the integral structure of the guitar though), glue them back together and hope that it stays together until you need to smash it.

So basically tons of effort for something that probably isnt going to come across the way you like unless you're planing on hitting up Tosh.0 soon!
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Rig the guitar to fall apart easily but smash it into an old dead (or dummy) speaker cab, maybe loaded with some blown speakers.
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