Hello all..I'm new here and have not sure if I'm asking in the right place but here goes..

I recently purchased an old acoustic guitar at an estate auction..I have bought several in the past at these auctions..The guitar I just bought has in gold letters Alex on the headstock.It's an acoustic with a metal bridge.I have an old 50's Silvertone and this Alex looks alot like it..It has no pickguard which makes me believe it's from the same era.I have searched the net and have yet to find any info on this..It has a number stamped inside the sound hole but is faded and Im unable to positively read it..Can anyone tell me anything about it or where to go for any info? Someone had told me it could be a Holland built guitar but I can find any proof of that.It's in very good condition and I plan on keeping it but would like to know the history of this brand...Any help would be appreciated..btw I do play and have 11 guitars counting this Alex

Id recommend you post this in the acoustic guitar section of the forum as most people who come to the site do not come to the new members area. Good luck!
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