Hello, I'm installing a pickup in my Holden Village GS Mini and wondering what the best pickup would be? Most likely between the M80, Lyric, and Anthem SL. Considering the Prestige330 as well. Looking for any recommendations. However, I'm not interested in the ES-Go, unless you think it matches my needs, which I posted further down in the thread.

Simple installation would be preferred, as I'd like to avoid modifying the guitar as much as possible.

Thank you
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Also I plan to get a little VOX amp or a THR Yamaha and the VOX StompLab or something similar. I've been playing guitar for several years now, and I think it's time to start experimenting with pedals/amplification. I have to use my GS Mini cause its the only guitar I have, and I'm quite in love with it anyways.
I'd get the Lyric, out of the LR Baggs pickups. They sound great. As for amplification, do you want to keep your acoustic sound through the amp? Or do you intend to use it for experimentation, with intention of eventually getting an electric guitar? Because there are acoustic amps which will keep the amped sound very acoustic like, and paired with a good acoustic pickup, they sound amazing. But if you want to sound electric, you could get an electric amp. Those little THR Yamaha amps are really good for both, actually.
I've been hearing that there are issues with the Lyric in the GS Mini though, am I wrong? I love the sound of my guitar naturally so I'd like to just have that sound but amplified. Then if I want to experiment or try and sound electric I can do that through pedals and what not. I play mainly blues, so just a little distortion/overdrive is all I need.

And thats good to hear about the THR, I was leaning towards getting that one anyways. Seems like you can get them used for pretty cheap in Australia which is quite a relief. To get a "cheap" LR Baggs pickup, it looks like I'm going to have to get it shipped for the US. They are just too expensive in Australia. For the Anthem anyways, but perhaps I'll check out the Lyric.
Would I have any issues using pedals with any of the pickups I mentioned? Specifically the Anthem or the Lyric?? I like the M80, but I'd like something not as noticeable.
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Actually, I'd just like a pickup for all scenarios. Whether it be playing in a band, playing live, playing solo, with pedals, without. I just want the guitar to sound good, with hopefully not much feedback and hopefully not need a preamp, and much EQ or anything like that. I suppose that is asking for a lot hahaha

OK. Taking all that ^ ^ ^ ^ into consideration I'd recommend the Headway "Snake".

Okay... scratch everything I said. I've been getting super frustrated thinking/researching this for weeks now. I'd like to just get it over with and pick one, but I really don't want to have to "upgrade" down the line.

Forget about my previous posts, I've thought about this, and this is what I want.

- I'm realistically not going to be playing live shows, jamming in a full band - If I were to reach that point, I'll probably get another guitar. Most likely electric.
- I would like to treat this thing as if it were kind of a Hollowbody guitar when plugged in. But also be able to get a nice acoustic sound out of it if I wanted to.
- I plan to pair it with one of the Yamaha THR amps. I want this pickup/amp combo to inspire and influence me. I've felt so stale with my guitar playing for months now (and hit this wall a few times over the last few years) and I feel experimenting with amplification is going to blow open the doors, so to speak.
- I travel a lot. Constantly moving around. (hence the GS Mini) I'm originally from Canada, but now living in Australia. So I need something reliable and hopefully a one time buy.
- I'm willing to drop about $300 on a pickup system, but would definitely prefer $200 or below. I don't mind used.

I just want something thats going to sound good. Hopefully not needing a preamp afterwards, because thats just more money. Hopefully not many issues with feedback and I'd like to be able to use it with pedals (not many, just 2 or 3). This is just going to be for sitting at home and improvising. Jamming with myself using a looper (finally!) and writing/experimenting - fleshing out song ideas.

Hopefully that kinda helps more with what I'm looking for. As a reference for guitar sounds I really like - here's some bands that influence me, and I love the guitar sounds.

- Sheepdogs, (early) Black Keys, anything by Jack White, Shakey Graves, Father John Misty, Sam Roberts Band, Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, Beck, Jake Bugg.. you get the idea.

Thank you!