OK, Hi guys, this is my first post.
OK so I need some help. I've been trying to get the perfect tone for my guitar for the longest time. Ive only been playing 8 months with really cheap equipment (Epiphone SG Special and a Fender Champion 20) I really hated the sound I was getting. I knew Tom Delonge (My musical/philisophical inspiration, Guitarist for Blink 182/ Angels and AIrwaves) used Invaders back in the day so I thought they were nNo-Brainers. I was going for that heavy sound that has a strong defined Treble end but still with thick, chunky distortion. I got the pickup, and hated it even more. The bass end was way too out of control. My stock neck pickup was more of a trebly pickup than the Invader. I then decided before I change the pickup I should look at some more amps. The Champion 20 was obviously for Classic Rock. I looked at Vox Valvetronix, Fender Mustangs, and Line 6 Spiders, but The Peavey Vypyr VIP looked best for now. Nothing that could compete with a band with but I LOVED the distortion sounds. I fell In love with the amp as soon as I heard the Acoustic modeling Too. It was a great amp all around. But the pickup was still... lacking. So I'll get the new amp either way but I want to know if there is anything else I can do to find my tone or if you have a pickup idea please tell me.
The amp's the problem there.
The guitar isn't hella good but the amp really is the problem.

Follow the directions in this thread and give us these info so we can properly advise you - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showpost.php?p=31052894&postcount=2
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Before you start blowing money on pickups, play your guitar through a number of amps. You're likely to find that one of those amps likes your pickups just fine.

Second bit of advice; never buy a pickup based on some guitar hero's use of it or on random Internet suggestions. Chances are good that 90% of those who chime in have never actually used the pickup in question, but are simply parroting someone else's recommendation.

Third, realize that modern recording often takes a clean guitar track and re-amps it (changing it entirely), sometimes more than once, to get the sound that you hear on a record.

Fourth, what you get in your bedroom, with small space and hard walls, is rarely going to be what you get when you're out somewhere.

And finally, pickups and string brands are probably the last thing you'll want to tweak in your sound chain, and they make the least amount of difference. Start at the speaker cabinet and work backwards.
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try lots of highs, fair bit of mids and cut the bass a touch and Lowering the bass side of the pups (or raise the treble side). Don't worry too much about changing pups rn. Tom used Invades in a strat, which is quite different from a sg. Notice He doesnt use the SD's in his ES335's and he uses Gibson Dirty Fingers. he put these in his strat now to IIRC.

I'd focus more on getting a better amp, probably something higher gain, Tom used a rectifier of some sort for most of the big blink stuff and used AC30's with AVA. He DOES use AC30s and Fender Twins live with Blink now, but the Mesa sounded alot better IMHO. Id look into A JCM 800 or 900, a Rectifier or maybe a 6505 combo or something similar.
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Dont forget that those tracks are layered/double tracked and panned guitars. Like anything else, it makes a big difference in what youre hearing and perceiving as the guitar tone.
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JCM900 is what you want.
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