I've had a Line 6 AMPLIFi 150 for almost a year, and I was just wondering if anyone else has one. And for those who don't, what's your opinion on it?
Nah, I don't.
But my local music store has one on display. Its seems alright. No doubt its made for someone newer to guitar. Personally, Id rather take a tube amp with a pedal board. Then these newer digital amps.

But it seems like its very handy for people who are new to playing or without loads of gear.
Just another Sheep in the design of the Almighty Machine.

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I'd rather have a Pod HD. Shame Line 6 hasn't bothered to put their HD tech into a FRFR amp.

DT seems interesting but ends up being very expensive and I question its reliability.

I'd consider an AMPLIFi if I could have one for dirt cheap as a small practice amp. $400/$500 is too much.
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Never even seen one in person. But I agree they are soposed to be based on the POD XT (from what I can remember). So it really makes me think that it is like a new tech savvy Flextone.

I can see where some one with limited space would really benefit from the features it offers. I'm not one of those people
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I always figured that the amplifi was line 6' way to try and break into the home sound system market while still remaining a functional practice amp. Why else would it have bluetooth, full range speakers (5 of them) and such a jet set/inconspicuous design if it was really concentrated on guitars?

It fills a need that no tube amp or digital preamp (no matter the price range) can fill. Someone who needs the amplifi wouldn't be satisfied by either a pod or a vox ac4 or whatever. 15 years ago when I was starting to listen to music and had no money or space, I would have LOVED to spend 300-400 used on a system that would allow me to crank tune from my mp3 player AND given me the flexibility of a modeling amp (14-15 year olds don't care about tubes. they want to try out millions of effects and sounds to figure out what they like and what they want)

That being said, I never tried the amplifi so I can't comment on it but I can totally imagine myself buying one, sticking it into a secondary room for either impromptu jamming or a second sound system in case of massive house parties. I mean am I really going to plug my iphone into my ac30? Am I really going to plug my guitar into the house sound system? No to both! But the amplifi theoretically fills both needs.

Original poster, you have an Amplifi. What do you think and why do you ask?
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I think it's a good amp for a house setting. I have the 150. It does have good tone, but the defaults are crap. The idea of people uploading tones is cool and all but people are somewhat lazy and maybe even tone deaf (or they just don't do their research to see what the artist used) when they upload them because I try out the tones for, say, van halen 1978 and they sound nothing like that. If you want that good tone you gotta find it yourself. So you'll fiddle around with the amps and cabs and the EQ and once you finally get the tone you wanted, you'll never want to stop playing.
I don't know if it's just the acoustics of the room, but for some reason the sound of it just starts to bug me after playing for a while. It can really pierce your ears sometimes (and I've been to my fair share of metal concerts) and give you a headache.
I will admit it's a little embarrassing when I have friends over and they want me to play, so I plug in my ESP, strap on, tune up, then whip out my phone and start pecking at the screen. I manage to keep my best tones in the onboard hardware so I can play without my phone, but as I make better tones I get too lazy to put the new tones on (just a personal problem though).
The names of the amps on the app are fake due to copyright reasons. For example, the app calls the Marshall JCM-800 'Brit J-800', Soldano SLO-100 is a 'Solo 100 Head'. So while some of the amps on there look boring, like Cali Crunch, Mississippi Criminal, they're actually modeled after really great amps, the Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ and the Peavey 5150, respectively. I found a full list of models here. There all really good, especially the Bogner Ecstacy and Uberschall, Marshall Silver Jubilee, Marshall 1959SLP and 1959SLP with variac, and some Line 6 creations. And we can't forget the pedals like Ibanez Tube Screamer, ProCo Rat, Arbiter Fuzz Face, Boss Metal Zone, Chandler Tube drive, MXR Phase 90, Line 6 flangers and choruses. Really, just look at the list.
So overall, I like it enough to use it every day and I like the tones that I can make. I recommend it to someone who is fairly experienced on guitar (maybe a year). I know how a lot of veteran players aren't interested in this digital technology but seriously, check it out.