I'm looking at a used Taylor 214. The current 200 series is made in Mexico, and is laminate back and sides, like the 100 series. Been that way for several years now, I believe. But this used 214 is from 2004, according to the serial number, and has the Made in El Cajon USA label. I just want to confirm whether or not the 200 series was also all solid back then. It has bracing on the inside, which the current, laminate 200s do not have, so I suspect that it is. I just want to be sure. If it's all solid, then this guitar is basically what a 314 is now, and I might have to buy it.
I can't answer your question, but you might want to compare a 314, your proposed 214 and a modern 214 with a critical ear if that is feasible. The reason I suggest this is because I've tried a few modern 214s and 314s, and prefer the 214. IMO, the advantages of solid, at least until you get into boutique and luthier guitars are much overrated. - So trust your ears where you have the opportunity.
Direct comparison is definitely feasible. I work at a Taylor dealer. Been comparing those exact models all day. Personally, I think the 314 is definitely the best sounding, but it's by far the most expensive. The modern 214 does sound shockingly good, for being laminate. I still think the used 214 is the winner, if for no other reason than being cheaper than a new 214, and made in the US. And I'm like 95% sure that it's all solid. Plus, being used, I can probably get my boss to sell it to me for even less than the already low marked price, and let me put it on layaway. Hmm.... If it's still here in a couple more weeks...
Dude, "because the used 214 is made in the USA". Really?

El Cajon CA is about 20 miles from Tijuana Mexico. Same Mexicans, different country.

Jus' sayin'.
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Dude, "because the used 214 is made in the USA". Really?

El Cajon CA is about 20 miles from Tijuana Mexico. Same Mexicans, different country.

Jus' sayin'.

I'm fully aware. In fact, Taylor's Mexican factory is almost on the border, only about 10 minutes further from El Cajon than Tijuana. Still though, Made in the USA is a bonus, especially when the US made option is actually cheaper than the Mexican. Really, all I'm trying to do is confirm whether or not this used one is all solid wood. That matters more to me than where it's from.
May I be so bold as to ask how much?

The Taylor 214ce is the guitar I want next - great sound, and great bang for buck buck, at least w/r to the big name guitars.

And I thought I was a Martin guy all along - guess it's just my Sigma I like.
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The used US made 214 is at the store I work in, for $600. I'd get it for a bit less since I work there. It's quite nice. Feels great, broken in, but not worn, except for a decent bit of scuffing around the bottom edge of the sound hole. But I don't really care about that. The frets have been worked on by our tech, and feel like new. I think I'm gonna have to grab it if it doesn't sell in the next couple weeks, before I have the money.
Very nice.

You'll especially enjoy it since you're saving up before you buy it and not afterwards to pay the credit card.
I have a 2008 214ce and its amazing. Seems to be the perfect guitar for fingerpicking. I plan on keeping it forever
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