I could pretend to know the universe,
but with a seditious verse
you could belittle my imaginings
and allow me nothing but the cold discomfort
of an indigent death.
Only then will the illuminations
of the gamma rays expose
the truth that we are stardust,
billions of tiny nothings.

You can look to the heavens
and see a face looking back,
I won't fault you for that,
if that makes you feel less alone.
But when I look up at the sky
and see those stars shining up high,
I feel less alone than at every other time,
knowing that somewhere,
a small creature on a distant rock,
has just turned up its head and looked back.
I really like the images you are rapresenting, in particular the last lines about the creature looking back!

However, I think that maybe it lacks a bit of flow (mostly in the first half).
Is it possible that it's because of the rhymes? (the first two verses flow nicely and then there are no more rhyming ones while one expects them to rhyme)
Also, this line sounds strange to me:
"if that makes you feel less alone"

Other than that I really like the second half, thanks for sharing it!

Of course, it's just my personal opinion (and I'm not a poet or anything of the like, so take the comment for what it is)
Great imagery in the lyrics, very vivid! Definitely a theme in the words that would make a reader/listener really think about who we are in the universe.