Alright - I'm having trouble deciding on an amp setup. I currently have a marshall dsl40c but will be getting rid of that as I could never get it dialed in the way I wanted and just fell out of love with it.

Onto my issue - not sure if I want to get a good clean amp and get my dirt from pedals, or an amp that excels in dirt (typically leaving something to be desired in the clean arena though?). Would need to be 2 channel if go that route.

I'm looking to spend $700 or less, live in eastern US, and play a whole slew of stuff, from blues to classic rock to jambandish (phish) to some metal. Not going to be gigging now but want something to gig with down the road.

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on different setups? I do like to practice with a drum beat running through my amp and use loops - is that something that can be done after the dirt (in the loop) if using amp distortion? Currently I mostly use an f/x processor so the drums/looping I do are not distorted. Kinda takes away from the whole reason for having a dirty amp anyway...but if I can run it through the loop and not have them distorted that would be ideal.

Pros and cons to each?
need more details as you really don't say what exactly you want. styles of music played and why your current amp isn't doing it. answer may be as simple as an overdrive or you need a new amp. we can't tell you going by your thread so far.
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What kind of sound DO you want? If you're prepared to use pedals, there may be life left for your DSL


what tubes are in the dsl? if they are stock, new would be huge in the world of tone.

i am assuming you have tried a tube screamer, put that right out front and saturate it and breathing more life.

i don't know the speaker, that could be an issue as well
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