I just started to play few months ago (with an Epiphone LP special II) and I'm looking for an upgrade. There are 2 really good deals on my neighborhood and I would like to have your advise.

I can either get a Jackson js 32 warrior with EMG 81x/85x pick ups or a Schecter Damien with a Jackson pickup on the neck and a EMG HZ on the bridge. I'm hardcore fan so I'm looking forward to get that kind of sound, something that can help me to play hardcore, deathcore, trash and things like that.

My current gear is a Line 6 Uber metal, a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor and a Peavey Rage 158 (I only use it for practicing since the place where I play at has their own Marshall amps)

Thanks in advance!
I was going to say Damien no question, as the JS series Jacksons aren't even in the same league. But, are you looking at used guitars? I ask because you said there's a Jackson pickup in the Schecter. Can't imagine why someone would replace an EMG with a shitty stock Jackson pickup. And assuming the EMG HZ in the Damien is original, that means the Damien is one of the older models, which are definitely not on the level of the modern ones.

I'd still probably go for the Damien, if they're both at comparable prices. Unless you really like the Warrior shape. And if the JS Warrior has EMG X series pickups, they aren't original, and are a big step up from what was. Overall, with the mods involved, the two guitars are pretty comparable. Play both and take whichever feels better, if that's possible. If not, take the shape you like more.
Are you sure you haven't mixed up the pickups? Damiens always come with EMG 81/85 stock, and well, I'd expect Jackson pickups on a Jackson guitar. (If that is the case, I'd almost certainly go for the Damien, one reason being the pickups probably being a lot better, the other being is that I find Jacksons highly uninteresting with rare exceptions)
Thanks the_bi99man!

The only thing I liked about the Jackson is that it comes with the EMG X... what was making me doubt about the Schecter was that it has the Jackson pickup, I don't really mind about the EMG HZ, I also had a Washburn x300 PRO that had a pair EMG HZ and they were just fine... I will probably go with the Schecter for now and when I get more money I can upgrade to a better line (like Hellraiser or an ESP)

Thanks again!
Thanks TheLiberation!

I'm sure that I didn't mix the pickups, I know that both guitars have weird combinations, that's why I was not sure what to pick.
Oh, ok then. If you can test both and it sounds ok then I guess go with the Damien especially if you liked it more, and you can always change the pickups at some point later.