gonna be my first stomp box as use it with my blackstar HT-5, after using the vypyr for a while and using the onboard effects.

I play a lot of 80's hair metal/80's rock/ and 80's shred and the guitar tones usually have a delay without noticeable repeats in them, giving it an echoy reverby sound like what you here on cliffs of dover.

. Im gonna be using the delay pedal 98% of time as a reverby/spacy kind of sound paired with reverb, meaning turn the delay feedback up and turn down the delay level, sort of like a slapback delay.

I will probably won't use the delay for U2/edge kind of stuff with noticable long delays

would a boss dd 3 still be worth it over a berhinger if im only going to use if for that purpose?

will a berhinger give me a worse tone than the boss when using the delay as what i've mentioned?
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The Boss is a solid pedal sound wise and a tank as far as durability. You can't go wrong with it. The Behringer would be a gamble. I've got no experience with them. What's your budget?
I'd get the Boss over Behringer any day. Behringer pedals just aren't great quality wise. had one briefly and while the delay wasn't bad it just wasn't a sturdy pedal. not sure what your budget is but I'd be more inclined to go with an MXR Carbon Copy.
Boss DD-3 all the way.
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