I am logged in by facebook and want to unsuscribe from new renewes to UG but it dont work with my facebook password. Can you help me please?
This information should help you:

If you want to cancel your auto renew subscription on our Tab Pro web service please follow these steps:
1. sing in here with your login details:
2. go to "subscription" section here and click Cancel button:

If you forgot your password you can restore here:

If you want to cancel your auto renew subscription for our iPad app, you should go to Settings of your iPad, then to iTunes & App Store > click on Apple ID > "View Apple ID" > under Subscriptions, select "Manage", there you'll be taken to the section where you'll be able to turn off the autorenew of your subscription.

If you still can't cancel, welcome our Support:
My God, it's full of stars!
I also want to end subscription. Do all the things they suggest. Does not work. They seem to want to make it as difficult as possible to end subscriptions. Or impossible. This seems deliberate and sharp practice on their part. Their "support" is useless. Best bet seems to inform your bank and cancel there. Tell bank no longer make this payment to UG/Tab Pro. This seems to be a con on the part og UG owners. They are taking the piss.
One thing that may work (I have just tried) is to go to Contact Us. Fill in your username and email. Chose problem - Tab Pro subscription the in next box - tab pro ug problems - which opens a green bar asking for more details - credit card last four numbers, emai, username. This may work. I will report back. It may simply be that this site is not well designed and is a bit of a pig to use. Don't give up. Persevere. Its your money.
I have just send messages through the Support Center, which creates a ticket, and through the contact application. Will report back on how that goes. I read through the "terms of service" agreement and they seem to have avoided addressing paid subscriptions in that lengthy legal agreement - it only says that if you no longer wish to use the service you should just stop using it. Brilliant! I would be open to pursuing a class action lawsuit against this company if this becomes a charade and they don't improve the transparency of this process.