I was browsing looking for a small tuner I could have always conected somehow to the guitar and found this http://www.clickplus.pt/p48665

You mount it between the pickup and the guitar and replace it replaces the frame around the pickup and this looks really awsome.

Anyone using something like this? Is it good and acurate? How's the intallation process?

Any feedback is apreciated.
not sure i agree with it looking "really awesome". Looks like an overcomplicated and not very accurate/flexible solution to simple problem.

What's wrong with just having a clip on tuner on the headstock?
^ I agree, just get a Snark Mini. I never play without one on my guitar anymore. and the blue version called son of snark is only $12 with free shipping. works great also.
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Richie Kotzen has a tuner installed in his signature Telecaster. I don't understand why he would put it on the guitar instead of using a pedal or a clip on tuner, but to each his own.

The same applies for this, which seems even more complicated than Kotzen's version. It seems like a lot of hassle and expense going through with a modification of one single guitar (not to say if you're using 5 guitars) to a problem that doesn't really exist. A pedal tuner works with all of your guitars and doesn't cost much more for the best and most used versions on the market (Korg Pitchblack, BOSS TU-3, TC Polytune etc.).

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Korg also makes an identical product. Works fine and is relatively cheap. I still use the cheap Korg-tuner I bought when I started playing, even though I have a Pitchblack on the floor with my live/rehearsal rig.
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