Hey guys!

I know I just recently posted a song, but here's another one that I've been working on this past week. Where as my last song was somewhat minimalistic in style, this one is quite the opposite. It combines lots of things that I really love, like orchestral elements, "ethnic" sounding rhythms and instrumentation and atmospherics.

In terms of atmosphere and instrumentation, this song is slightly inspired by a game called Spelunky. Not directly, but at some point of the recording process I used the game's overall feel as inspiration. I highly recommend to check it out!

Hope you enjoy it!


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So far the intro sounds cool. Now it's building nicely. This would be very good background music for a movie, or just general listening. Nice piano & effects. Good job!

As Aaron mentioned this would be very fitting in a film, I could also imagine it in a video game such as Halo with the expansive visuals

I liked your use of percussion during the intro and from 0:30 and you developed the overall arrangement really well with the introduction of the string parts and also when all the instruments dropped out to leave the solo piano at 2:05.

Good composition

C4C - Please check out my track https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1662689

Thanks, M

Sonically, the mix is solid, nothing to detract from the listening experience. Every instrument blends well and doesn't distract you from the imersion. What I would suggest is maybe spacing the commentary instruments away from the centre of the track, as that would accentuate those specific parts more. 9/10

Composition wise, I loved the track. It sounds pretty professional in the first place, definitely could imagine this song being used as a soundtrack for an indie game. Every section filled it's role and added value to the song. The only thing I would change (and this is strictly something of personal taste, not a critique), the piano section at 2:10 felt to me like it would've mandated something way bigger sounding and something way more resolving, something like a low range-y bass type section. Other than that, great stuff, hope to hear more of you. 9.3/10
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I think this was VERY well produced. The piece sounds real professional. What did you use to produce this? Definitely sounds like it should be in a film of some sort. I like how the mood changes near the end.
Thanks for the crit! This is really awesome work man. I dig the uneasy suspenseful vibe throughout the whole piece. Keep it up!


Responding to your question of which amp sim I use. I use the following chain on the Axe FX II XL:

Gate -> TSE 808 -> Das Metall Amp -> German 4x12 cabinet

I have the mids cranked on the TSE808, and pretty generic settings on the Amp.
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First of all, thank you all for honest critique. I will take note and learn from it!

I use Reaper as my main work station. I do all the mixing, plug-ins, mastering and such with that. I have Reason 5 rewired to Reaper, which I use for sounds. The sounds in this song are a blend of stock sounds (that I tweaked), sounds and patches that I've collected, and patches that I've made myself. Glad it sounds good to you!

Thank you for the info and the crit! I got Axe Fx Ultra myself (not exactly the same as your Axe Fx II XL) and I'm always interested in other people's signal chains. For heavy stuff, I'm fond of the Dual rectifier amp (orange channel). I'm interested in experimenting with other amps as well, so I might try playing around with the Das Metal Amp a little
Track has a very nice ambient feel to it. This is the kind of track I'd expect to hear in a movie or a video-game, and the kind of track that can completely save a bad movie scene.

You have nice movements, giving different feels to different sections.

Really man, that's the kind of work I'd expect from professional soundtrackers. Actually, most professional soundtrackers can't write something that good.

I prefer your more metal stuff, but this is an extremely solid and professional sounding composition.

Keep up your awesome work!
Wow, I really appreciate the kind words. You could consider this my "solo" stuff. One of my goals is to score a game some day, so I'm glad the track creates a certain atmosphere.
Fear not, though. We have plenty of metal tracks in works with my cousin!