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I'm owner of a Hot Rod Deluxe V2 for about 7 years and upgraded tubes already. I play from blues rock, punkrock towards stonerrock/hard rock (no hard metal required). Mainly playing and recording at home, sometimes jamming in a garage with drummer and rarely in a bar. I use a Fender Custom telecaster and a Gibson LPJ 2014 (the last one for the heavier things, drop c for stoner rock). I use the hot rod clean only and try to get my higher gain tones with few pedals (TS9, Musket Fuzz, Joyo Us Dream (lf replacement), dyna comp (and soon hopefully a clean booster and a fulltone ocd).

As i have a spare €100 i was considering putting an eminence Cannabis Rex in the HRD for smoother tone and thicker body. Any experience or better ideas ? I dont hav ethe technical experience to start doing big mods (speaker should be doable).

This situation makes me also considering a new amp , as i don't really need all the volume of the hot rod, + its sometimes little too bright, noisey (filtered out a little bit with tubes). selling the hot rod + 100 would bring me at around 550-600 price range. I like a good clean, but definitely need to get a good warm gainy tone (can be achieved with my pedals).

on the other hand switching the speaker, and get a good clean boost + OCD would cover my lower gain overdrive needs (musket fuzz has balls for the heavy parts). i dont mind buying second hand btw

whats do ya guys think ?
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i haven't tried the CR but it has the rep of being darker and smoother. I think the stock HRD speaker is (more or less) a legend 1258? If so, the 1258 is quite bright, so I'm guessing the CR would help in that respect. a texas heat might also work (but check with eminence and online that it'd actually sound good in there, if everyone is putting a CR in instead, maybe there's a reason for that ).
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