Hello All

I've posted my last couple of tracks on here and here is my latest song, Endless. It's quite a change up from my last songs as its fully acoustic.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/morphitis/endless

I'd appreciate if you could take time to have a listen and let me know what you think of the track. Let me know if you want any feedback on your music and i'll return the feedback.

Please also check out the links to videos and my Facebook page if you like this track!

Many Thanks

I remember hearing some of your other songs before, and this was very refreshing change.

Simple song in arrangement, but very clear sounding, atmospheric and just pleasant to listen to. I'm very fond of this type of music. I liked how the reverb of the guitar created a cool, synth pad like sound scape to the background. Nice playing and composition.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to listen to the track through a decent sound system yet, so I'll probably come back to it later.

Nice to hear diverse material from you. Keep them coming!

I really enjoyed the panning, the different sides brought something huge to the song.

Tone wise I think your lower strings could sound a little brighter and a little less boomy.

I enjoyed the composition, but it lacks a leading melody to "guide" you through the song. I don't know if you plan on adding vocals to this piece, though, that would solve the issue.

Even though it's something different from your previous work I call still feel your touch in the song which is really nice.

Keep it up man!
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Thank you for the reviews! Now your tune: The audio quality is excellent except one part towards the start where it got boomy (I didn't notice that on the second listen, guess I played it too loud the first time). Most all of the guitar playing is tight. I hardly play acoustic guitar, but I have a hard time avoiding the noise of my fingers sliding on the strings loudly (even with Fast Fret helping a lot). Maybe it is the strings on my $100 (when new) Fender (I have never changed the strings). You have little of that issue. Some good vocals wouldn't hurt, but otherwise the melodies are very nice and tastefully done. Good job!
Thanks for the review man

This is lovely, I like that you sometimes change to unexpected chords, keeps you on your toes :P interesting production too, the weird delay fills out the song nicely. I really love the louder chordy part later on. Only real complaint is the two guitar parts go out of sync at one point, also not much into the transition at 2:22, could maybe work better somewhere else in the song? Apart from that though it's probably my favourite composition I've heard on here, reminds me quite a lot of something I would write haha

good shit!