So, I bought a used Peavey Ultra 112 a little over a year ago. I enjoy it quite a lot, since it's a fairly versatile amp. The only problem is, when I turn on the reverb feature, it doesn't work. Sometimes, when I have faith and try to use the reverb, the amp will kind of hum, and the sound will be very thin and kind of fuzzy, but it always sounds fine when the reverb's off. I haven't replaced or modified anything since I bought it, so I have no idea whether or not the tubes need replaced or something. So my question is, what is the problem, and how can I fix it?
Often one of the tubes is assigned to the reverb unit, and you may need to replace at least that one. I'm too lazy to go check the Peavey's diagram, but you could have anything from a bad tube to a loose connection to a ribbon cable half off its connector, etc. Trouble shooting the problem is either going to be "try THIS" or take it to a tech who knows what he's doing. Probably a 15-minute fix (and he'll charge you for at least an hour of his time).
Alright then. Where would one find the diagrams to try and gain a general idea of what's going on?