Hi guys! I use a translator, so I apologize for the inappropriate text. So, I got the guitar in 1991 from the GDR Musima Eterna Deluxe II. Only one of its rode.Gitara no longer available and will never be released. During the tour, it was broken, but hastily restored and playable. I want to sell the most expensive worthy people. Soviet group "Rain" was crashed in a car accident and I do not want to hit the guitar into the wrong hands. Great lover of history! The guitar was broken twice in concert and again restored. Guitar works fine. Unique Guitar. 14800 $. Questions.

Photo| https://pp.vk.me/c623424/v623424240/d66e/lvfZXAk-Q_w.jpg
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I don't know whether or not you will sell it at $15,000, I would suggest listing this on reverb.com Pictures please!
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