"Stay Golden"

Burned all the bridges down
on the road to the gates of hell
I'm on the flame side alone
No one else has to burn, only me

Stay golden and leave
I'll be the loss, I'll be the cost
Don't think of following me
Don't let this be for nothing

My past is swallowing me
Mistakes build up like walls and bars
And I may never be free
Hard not to feel this is well-deserved

You're in my hopes and my dreams
and everything I'm still looking forward to
So please stay golden and leave
Don't remember me – just move on

Stay golden and leave...
Remember what you want
Stay golden and leave...
Don't you learn from this
Stay golden and leave...
Some day I'll find my peace
Stay golden and leave -

Mercy's wasted on me
I fell too far to start anew
There is no future in this land
so stay golden and leave me behind