I've been watching a lot of B.B. King videos lately, and have been falling in love with his guitar.

I'm curious if anyone has any experience with that model, the ES-335 without the F-holes. I'm also curious as to how it would stack up as a collectible.

Thanks for any replies.
Lucille is actually a 355

I haven't played the gibson one but the epiphone is great. played great, sounded great felt great. It's isn't just for Blues either!
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Well it's a USA model with standard USA type parts. It'll be produced in greater numbers than the Custom Shop models which also use a different ply formula than the Memphis models. The BB has hotter more modern PUs than the CS models. As a collectible, basically the answer is unlikely. This is basically true of all Gibson guitars but Gibsons true Signature or Collectors Choice models (again these are made in the CS). They will take an initial drop in value when bought new and if maintained shouldn't drop too much more but will not increase over new prices unless inflation runs rampant and then the monetary value would be misleading anyway. Buy a guitar to enjoy not as an investment.
Moving on.....
I'm also curious as to how it would stack up as a collectible.

That guitar has been around in various forms since 1981, so I think it’s safe to say the collectible market is saturated.